USKestrel Photography on Trail 403 above Crested Butte, CO, USA



Hello and thank you for visiting my gallery.  

I am a landscape/nature photographer living the dream on a daily basis!  Growing up and living in Colorado has been the best catalyst a photographer could ever need to become inspired & motivated.  Within a day's drive, I can be in any number of National Parks, Wilderness Areas and other incredible scenic locations where some of the most amazing imagery is available! I routinely take advantage of this luxury to fulfill my need for time in the great outdoors.

One of my biggest influences is my Maternal Grandfather (Vincent J. Schaefer).  His absolute love for the outdoors rubbed off on me quite a bit!  To this day, whenever I am out hiking to my next photo shoot location, I can hear my grandfather telling a story about what was fascinating for that particular area or some other story that related to the area.

Practice, practice, practice.  Those were the words my parents told me endlessly as I grew up.  Little did I realize just how important those words would be.  My parents were very pragmatic as they raised my sister and me.  Whenever I would go to Mom and complain that I was bored, Mom would tell me to go outside and find something to do (or she'd give me something to do, which meant chores and there is not a kid alive who wants to do chores).

During the years growing up in the mountains of Colorado, those moments where I was told to go outside, I would typically go hiking somewhere on the hundreds of acres behind my parents house. as adventures awaited and my love for the outdoors grew and grew from these hikes.

Every opportunity I have to go out and capture the magic of great outdoors, I learn something new and strive to become a better photographer! In the meantime, I have the distinct pleasure of spending as much time as I can in the great outdoors, seeking out the compositions that tell a story!

If there is a particular composition you are looking for, but are not finding in my gallery, please contact me so I can add that to my list or work with you to capture that image in a private photo shoot.