Intimate Aspen

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Intimate Aspen.jpg

Intimate Aspen

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Hiking up the trail after a rainy overnight period during fall colors brought out a lot of excitement and anticipation for me. The morning air was crisp and cool, with plenty of photographic opportunities at my disposal.

The area is abundant with locations to capture amazing fall photography images. Too often, however, we only see the grand scale images and miss out on the details.

As I set off on the trail, I told myself to look for the details; to find the image that will speak to me more than a grand-scale image. I rounded a bend in the trail and saw a spruce tree with these aspen leaves that had fallen, still showing some morning dew.

I knew this was my photographic goal for the moment. Set up my tripod and camera, put extension tubes & 70-200 lens on my camera to shoot this image as a macro shot.

Looking at the image on the back of the camera, I knew this was a keeper!!!

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